Two Month Time Slot Hold Fee for Current Students (Please Note CC Fee That Will Show Up As "Shipping Fee"


Are you going on vacation and would not like to lose your time/day? 

We generally see more enrollment in the fall as school starts up again. Ensure your time slot/day is available when you return. Purchase a Time Hold at the cost of $60 per month per student or $50 per student for families with two or more students who take lessons. For those with two or more students in a family and if shopping online, please enter coupon code HOLDSIBLING to receive the $10 off each student.

You may purchase a second time hold to hold your time slot for 2 months. Time Holds are limited to 2 months in sequence (June & July or July & August for example). 

Purchase your Time Slot Hold along with your next lesson package to ensure that your lessons will continue immediately after the hold. You can pay for a time slot hold at your next lesson with cash payment or online payment (cc fee applicable).

You may now purchase a Time Slot Hold even if you are in the middle of a lesson package. If you have completed your lesson package, you will need to purchase a lesson package along with your Time Hold and let us know the date of when you would like to resume your lessons. Time Slot Hold will be released to new students when hold is complete. 

Unfortunately Time Slot Holds cannot be prorated, even if you hold for one week. We regret that there are no refunds on Time Slot Holds.