1 Month 4/4 Size Violin Outfit Continuing Rental Please Note CC Fee That Will Show Up As "Shipping Fee"


"Shipping Cost" is the credit/debit card processing fee. 

Rental option for students of Leggy Fish Music Lessons only. Includes violin, bow, rosin, and case. Deposit of $150 will be returned if violin outfit is returned in good condition. Student may choose to purchase the violin outfit for $300 instead of renting. All money paid toward monthly rentals go towards the purchase of the instrument max $300.

This Violin Outfit Rental Agreement must be filled out after payment. Please read this Agreement prior to making a payment for rental.

We have chosen good-quality instruments that are adjusted to the same exacting standards for ease of play and optimal tone quality. Every instrument has been fully serviced and your rental includes rosin, a wooden bow, and a case.

1.) A monthly rental will cost $35 per month plus a security deposit of $150. The $150

deposit will be refunded back to you when you decide to stop renting.

2.) We will apply 100% of your first three months’ rental fee towards the purchase of the rented item. This offer applies only if the instrument is purchased immediately at the end of the first 3 month rental period. Or you can purchase the violin outfit without renting it for $300. All instruments, bows and cases remain the property of Leggy Fish Violin Lessons under rental contract unless the outfit is sold to the student for $300.

When returning your instrument, any additional charges for loss, damages will be assessed.

You are responsible for the maintenance of your instrument, as outlined in the "Terms, Conditions & Rental Protection" section (see below). This instrument is not covered by Leggy Fish Violin Lessons against loss or theft. It is recommended that you insure your

instrument with your homeowner's or renter's insurance company for that purpose.

By submitting this information, I signify that I have read the "Terms, Conditions & Rental Protection" section of this document and I understand all that is required of me to rent and maintain this instrument properly. I am aware that my rental credit can

pay for up to 3 months of an eventual instrument purchase, but no more.  The care and maintenance of all rental instruments are the full responsibility of the renter. To fully protect yourself from loss or theft, we strongly recommend that you insure your instrument(s) under a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy.

If the instrument is damaged, the renter is responsible for payment of repairs. If the instrument is lost, the renter is responsible for the replacement value of the instrument. Some work, such as open seams, may be covered under our guarantee of quality and may not cost you anything. 

All instruments are rented out in good condition. This means that there are no open edges or cracks, the bridge and the bow are straight, the bow hair and the strings are in new condition, and the instrument is properly adjusted.

The renter is responsible for maintaining the instrument to these standards which will be reviewed on the first day of class.

We reserve the right to charge you for any necessary repairs or maintenance. A partner shop may do maintenance.