News as of March 25, 2020:

Due to COVID19, all lessons offered are currently offered online only.

Thanks for your interest in Leggy Fish Music Lessons. Before you begin music lessons, please note that in order to play your instrument well enough to play tunes you enjoy and to maximize your learning in lessons, you must invest some of your time. Daily practice of 15-30 minutes is recommended for beginners as consistency is important when learning any new activity. Even 5 minutes a day is useful! Our studio consists of busy adults with full time careers (some with families) and children in school. If you are an adult, evenings are a great time to wind down and enjoy a little you time with your instrument. If you are a child, mornings and early afternoons right after school work well as far as energy goes! 

If you can commit to spending a little time with your instrument, then keep reading!

Please follow these simple steps to begin lessons with us:


Please read policy pages and make sure you understand Studio Policies to purchasing lessons. 

Feel free to contact us at  Choose from Private, Private Music Lesson Mashup, Duo, Group Lessons (Group Lesson Available For Adults Only) or Live/Online Hybrid Lessons.

Private lessons/Duo Fish Lessons (violin, viola, cello or keyboard). Read the studio policies and make sure you understand studio policies prior to purchase, make special note of the no-refunds policy, the “Don’t Miss A Beat” policy and payment requirements for private/Duo Fish lessons.

Please visit the studio policies page. if you have any questions, please call (323) 813-8561


Choose Your Day/Time If You're interested in Private, Private Music Lesson Mashup, Duo Fish lessons, or a Group date. Find a convenient time/day for your lessons and e-mail

Private/Duo Fish lesson schedule is updated daily. Please see if there is a convenient time slot/day for your weekly lessons. Single pay students may schedule their lessons from week to week without penalty. Prepaid lesson package students are required to choose one time on the same day every week for lessons which will be reserved exclusively for that student. Please visit the availability page and then send an e-mail to immediately to request a first-come-first-serve reservation of your time slot/day. Changes occur quickly, and we will try to accommodate your needs. However, availability is first-come-first-serve and is reserved with payment. Check back frequently if there is a time slot/day that is not currently available; chances are they could open up! We offer 45 minute and 60 minute private and duo lessons as well as sibling back to back 45 and 60 minute lessons.

Please note available days:

Lessons in Atwater Village location/online: Available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays with Nancy


Private lessons/Private Lesson Music Lesson Mashup, Duo Fish Lessons (violin, viola, cello or keyboard)

Upon confirmation that your desired time slot/day is available, please confirm with Nancy when you would like to begin your lessons and make a payment through our convenient online shop or via phone.  You must have a working instrument outfit prior to your first lesson. Leggy Fish Music Lessons offers rentals at a monthly rate. Please call or e-mail for availability. 

Make a secure payment on our online shop. Credit and debit card payments incur a a credit card fee (2% of purchase).


Private lessons/Private lesson Music Lesson Mashup/Duo Fish Lessons (violin, viola, cello or keyboard):

You will receive a welcome letter and confirmation of your lesson time slot/day and start date as well as info regarding address, check-in, and materials needed. Keep in mind that you may need to purchase additional supplies to maximize your musical education which may include a required shoulder rest or pad  ($10-$30), rosin ($3-10), a music stand ($10-$30), a metronome/tuner ($2-$40) which can be purchased as a free application on your smart phone, and music flashcards ($2-$25). A courtesy lesson reminder will be sent to each student via e-mail the day before your lesson with the lesson number; i.e.:"lesson 1 of 8 reminder".