​Leggy Fish Music Lessons is proud to We have had 23 successful seasons since 2013;

Summer, Fall, Winter, New Year, Spring, spring part deux, summer 2014, fall 2014, new years 2015, spring 2015, spring part deux 2015, Fall 2015, winter 2015, new years 2016, spring 2016, spring part deux 2016, fall 2016, spring 2017, and late spring 2017, fall 2017, winter 2018, spring 2019, and currently New Year's 2020 session is in session!

We're taking reservations for the 2020 season; see our schedule.

​Enjoy learning classical, pop, & folk music on the violin, viola or cello with other adult students in a comfortable, non competitive home environment. all group classes are taught by head instructor, Nancy. ​

If you would like to register for group lessons, please read the info below, fill out the form, and make a payment.All credit card transactions including processing fees can also be made over the phone.

2020 Schedule:

NEW YEAR 1/12-3/1 Pay by 12/12/19 for early rate of $207! Use code NEWYEAR20EARLY SPRING 3/8-5/3 (skips 4/12) Pay by 2/8/20 for early rate of $207! Use code SPRING20EARLY SECOND SPRING 5/10-6/28 Pay by 4/10/20 for early rate of $207! Use code SECONDSPRING20EARLY FALL 8/16-10/4 Pay by 7/16/20 for early rate of $207! Use code FALL20EARLY WINTER 10/11-12/6 (skips 11/29) Pay by 9/20/20 for early rate of $207! Use code WIN20EARLY

Students must make a payment prior to secure registration. travel to the online shop to make a payment for lessons.

​​​​These classes may range from 5-12 weeks (dependent on the season) classes held in Atwater Village (LA). Absolutely no  experience necessary! These classes have had 6-10 students each and have performed a showcase at the Atwater Playhouse /Glendale public library at the conclusion of each session. The average age of students have ranged from 18 years old to 50 years old. We have performed special arrangements of classical, pop, and folk tunes as well as performed with singer songwriters.

We offer three types of adult group violin/viola/cello classes:

-Level 1a (no musical experience or experience on the violin/viola/cello)

-Level 1b (o-6 months experience on the violin/viola/cello)

-Adult ensemble (you must be a private student already to join this group)

Group Adult Class 1A (no experience)

This is a great introduction to those with zero music education experience and those with little to no experience playing violin/viola/cello. By the end of your session, you will know how to hold the violin, viola, or cello properly, how to maintain a beautiful bow hold, how to take care of and tune your instrument, how to play arco and pizzicato, how to keep rhythm, how to listen for good intonation and play with good tone, how to play with dynamics, how to recognize and play 10 notes in treble clef/alto clef/bass clef how to play 1-3 scales, and how to play a fiddle tune (or two), a few classical melodies, and maybe a pop, rock or jazz tune in unison and with harmony.

Group Adult Class 1B (2 months-1 year of experience)

This is the continuing class of 1A and for students who have taken 1A in the past but would like to jump back into violin/viola/cello lessons. This class is for those that can hold the violin/viola/cello properly, maintain a beautiful bow hold, know how to take care of and tune your instrument, know how to play arco and pizzicato, know how to keep rhythm, know how to listen for good intonation and play with good tone, know how to play with dynamics, know how to recognize and play at least 10 notes in treble clef/alto clef/bass clef (D major scale and open G and E notes), know how to play 1-3 scales and are open to creating harmony in a group setting. This group always varies on skill level, but there are always challenging parts given to those who are more intermediate.

Advanced Adult Ensemble For Existing Private Students of Leggy Fish Music Lessons or Past Private Students of Leggy Fish Music Lessons

To be taken in conjunction with your private lessons, this string ensemble offers a fun-spirited way to make music with others. To join, the skills required include the....

-Ability to play one octave scales: C major, G major, D major and A major

-Ability to play with good intonation.

-Ability to read music in C, G, D, and A major along with ability to adapt to new keys.

-Ability to play with a fair tone.

-Ability to play with dynamics.

-Ability to slur at least 2 notes in one bow.

-May or may not have the ability to play and read music in 3rd position.

-May or may not have the ability to play with vibrato.

-Ability to laugh at yourself and with others.

Any of these ensembles will have the option of  performing at a venue, coffee shop, hospital or other event. There might be multiple performing opportunities if the groups feel prepared and would like to perform!

​Contact Nancy at nancy@leggyfishmusiclessons.com. your spot will not be reserved until payment is received.

All adult students are invited to participate; no audition is required. The fee for this unique musical experience is $257 (8 week). Register a month before class starts to receive special pricing of $207 with coupon code! Price does not include required items, a shoulder rest and a book. we use all for strings book #1  for violin/viola. shoulder rest and all for strings book #1 may be purchased on your own or via Leggy Fish Music Lessons.

​Please note that space is first come, first serve, and limited to 10 students in the Level 1A class and 10 students in the Level 1B class. Please note that refunds for the class cannot be issued, but credits and transfers to private lessons are acceptable and welcome. Unfortunately missed group lessons cannot be made up. However, notes will be sent via e-mail detailing material covered in each class. also, If you feel you would like to join the other class verses the class you are enrolled in for whatever reason (time conflicts, mismatch of skill level, etc.) after the FIRST class, please let me know. It is my priority to ensure that all students feel comfortable in their group lessons. During the 8 and 12 week sessions, please let me know if you feel more comfortable learning with one-on one lessons. There are no refunds, but You may transfer the remaining payment (classes prorated) to payment toward private lessons.

We also have a limited supply of full size (4/4) violins for rent. However, we unfortunately do not have any violas or cellos for rent. Travel to the Buy lessons page to purchase your rental if your instrument is violin. We recommend Metzler's Violin Shop and Los Angeles Violin Shop for renting violin or viola outfits.

2020 promises to be both highly rewarding and very enjoyable. We look forward to your participation and helping you find your creative voice through the most elegant instrument in the world, the violin/viola! Thank you for your interest in these exciting 8-week and 12 week sessions!